Surinamese cuisine to Berlin
“The story of Switi began when I moved from my hometown, Amsterdam, to Berlin. Shortly after my arrival, I started missing the cuisine I grew up loving” Fer
Surinamese Fusion

Which country is located north of Brazil? If you look at a map, you will find Suriname! Surinamese cuisine is a unique blend of ‘Switi’ flavours showcasing a rich culinary heritage shaped by Indigenous, Indian, Creole, Javanese, Chinese, and European cultures. This fusion has created a unique and diverse culinary landscape that delights the senses and tells the story of Suriname.

Fresh Sunday Meals
  • Every Sunday we freshly prepare a maximum of 50 three-course meals, which are delivered between 18:00 and 21:00 or can be picked up at our kitchen in Friedrichshain.

  • Delivery area: 10179, 10247, 10249, 10243, 10245, 10405, 10409, 10407, 10435, 10437, 10997 and 10999.

    If your postal code is not listed click here to join our waiting list and we will notify you when our delivery expands to your area 

  • Instead of reheating the meals before delivery or pick-up, we provide you with instructions to ensure the quality of the dishes.

  • Pre-order up to 2 weeks ahead and secure your favourite dishes in advance!

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