The story of Switi began when I moved from my hometown, Amsterdam, to Berlin. Shortly after my arrival, I started missing the cuisine I grew up loving.

Before my move, the idea of establishing a Surinamese food concept in Berlin seemed improbable. However, as I got to know the diverse and vibrant Berlin food scene, I became convinced that it is genuinely receptive to embracing new culinary experiences.

This is why in the summer of 2022, I embarked on a journey to create what I now proudly introduce as ‘Switi.’

‘Switi’ is not merely a food concept but a heartfelt manifestation of my passion and love for Surinamese cuisine. So, whether you’re with friends, family, a loved one, or by yourself, I hope you’ll indulge in our food and experience the flavours that define us.


What does Switi mean?
Switi (pronounced as ‘swee-tie’) embodies the soul of the concept. It’s a Surinamese word meaning; delicious, pleasant, sweet and tasty.