Meals & ingredients
Are the meals ready to eat on arrival?

Yes, but we recommended following the instructions, to guarantee the best dining experience.

Can I store the dishes, to enjoy later?

We recommend that you enjoy the dishes on the day of delivery, but if you intend to consume them later, please ensure to store them in the refrigerator and consume them within 24 hours

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Klarna and Creditcards

How many days before my desired delivery or pick-up date can I order?

If we are not sold out, you can order up to 2 days before the desired delivery or pick-up date.

Can I place an order in advance?

Yes, you can pre-order up to 3 weeks ahead and secure your favourite dishes in advance!

Delivery or pick-up
To which postal code in Berlin are you currently delivering?

Currently, we deliver to the following postal codes: 10179, 10247, 10249, 10243, 10245, 10405, 10409, 10407, 10435, 10437, 10997 and 10999.

If your postal code is not listed join our waiting list via our homepage and we will notify you when our delivery expands to your area

On which day is the delivery or pick up?

As we are still in our infancy phase, we are currently only open on Sundays.

Can I pick-up my order?

Yes, you can pick up your order between 18:00 and 21:00 at our kitchen in Friedrichshain.