• To place an order, at least one main dish is required
  • For each main dish, you can add a max. of 1 appetiser and 1 dessert
  • You can add a max. of 5 main dishes per order
  • For more info about our dishes see the menu & instructions page

FYI, a three-course meal is a ‘normal’ amount of food for 2 persons


Saoto Soup Elixir

A fragrant light chicken broth with hints of lemongrass and an array of toppings that include ketjap (soy sauce), bean sprouts, boiled egg, tender pieces of chicken and a fried blend of potatoes, onions and rice vermicelli (noodles).

A - C - F - I


Main course

Roti Royale Fusion

Surinamese roti involves a layer of spiced ground yellow split peas encased between layers of seasoned dough, finished off with a variety of toppings that bring this dish to life. These toppings include vegetables (green beans or pumpkin), potatoes, pickled vegetables and a protein of your choice: chicken, shrimp or jackfruit & chickpeas (vegan), all brought together with a blend of spices.

A - I - J



Bojo Cheesecake

Bojo is a moist textured dessert that harmonises the earthy essence of grated cassava root with the sweet notes of coconut, vanilla and cinnamon. The cheesecake layer introduces a creamy smoothness and delightful contrast to complement the Bojo’s texture.

A - C - P



Fernandes Cherry Bouquet

Surinamese sparkling soft drink (330 ml)


Fernandes Green Punch

Surinamese sparkling soft drink (330 ml)

A - Gluten
B - Shellfish
C - Eggs
D - Fish
E - Peanuts
F - Soya
H - Nuts
I - Celery
J - Mustard
K - Sesame
L - Sulfites
M - Lupins
N - Molluscs
P - Milk