Saoto Soup Elixir
When you're exploring the flavours of Surinamese cuisine, you don't want to overlook the delightful ‘Saoto soup’. Its roots trace back to the Javanese plantation labourers that settled in Suriname, they carried with them their cherished recipes (including Saoto’s distinct relative ‘Soto Ayam’). As these traditions intersected with local ingredients a transformation occurred, giving birth to Saoto soup.

A fragrant light chicken broth with hints of lemongrass and an array of toppings that include ketjap (soy sauce), bean sprouts, boiled eggs, tender pieces of chicken and a fried blend of potatoes, onions and rice vermicelli (noodles) offers a symphony of tastes in a soul-warming bowl.

Main course
Roti Royale Fusion
By far the most popular Surinamese dish is ‘Roti’. Surinamese Roti was created by the Indian plantation labourers who arrived in the region in the late 1800’s. Unlike traditional firm roti, where the dough is rolled out uniformly, Surinamese roti involves a layer of spiced ground yellow split peas encased between layers of seasoned dough. This layered structure contributes to a softness that distinguishes it from others.

While the term 'roti' officially means flatbread originating from India, in Suriname, it encompasses not only the flatbread but also a variety of toppings that bring this dish to life. These toppings include vegetables (green beans or pumpkin), potatoes, pickled vegetables and a protein of your choice: chicken, shrimp or jackfruit & chickpeas (vegan), all brought together with a blend of spices.

Bojo Cheesecake
A beloved cassava dessert, reflects the culinary creativity and cultural fusion of the country. Bojo is a moist textured dessert that harmonises the earthy essence of grated cassava root with the sweet symphony of coconut, vanilla and cinnamon.

To elevate the traditional Bojo to new heights, we added a layer of creamy cheesecake. The cheesecake layer introduces a smoothness and delightful contrast to complement the Bojo’s texture.